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You will receive a known traveler number (KTN) after being approved for a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck membership. Looking up your TSA PreCheck status may be necessary if you have applied for a membership but have yet to receive your KTN. Thisnumberis used for a variety of purposes, but most of all, you will need to have it when booking flights. Without a KTN, you cannot receive a boarding pass printed with the PreCheck logo, meaning that you will not be able to use the expedited security lane or enjoy the other benefits of the program even if you are a member.

Performing a KTN number lookup may be necessary if you cannot remember your number and want to buy a boarding pass. Looking up your number is easy to do on the TSA website by entering the same information you used to apply for a membership. Below, learn everything that happens after you apply for the PreCheck program and discover how to use your KTN to get the most out of your membership.

What is the TSA pre check approval time?

Applying for a KTN number can be done in as little as five minutes. After submitting an application online or providing your information over the phone, you will need to complete an in-person interview. Typically, the interview process takes just 10 minutes.

The TSA PreCheck approval time varies for each applicant, but most petitioners receive a response in two to three weeks. However, it is possible to receive KTNs in a matter of days rather than weeks. On the other hand, wait times can be longer if an applicant’s identity cannot be confirmed through traditional measures, such as the fingerprint verification that is part of the standard application.

In any case, when wondering how long to get TSA PreCheck benefits, travelers should always plan ahead so that they can begin using their membership prior to any upcoming flights. Remember, without a KTN, it is not possible to use the expedited security lane at airport security, even for travelers who are waiting to receive confirmation of their enrollment.

How to Verify Your TSA PreCheck Enrollment Status

If you are waiting to receive your known traveler ID, it is easy to check the status of your application online. To verify your enrollment status, you will need to complete a search by entering information, such as your:

  • Full, legal name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Email address and/or telephone number.

Alternatively, you can simply enter your Universal Enrollment Services (UE) identification number and your date of birth to access your information. When looking for your TSA PreCheck application statuswith either of these methods, be sure to enter all of your information exactly as you did on your original application. If you are having trouble accessing your information, be sure to check all of the fields for accuracy before contacting the TSA for help. In many cases, something as simple as leaving off your middle name will prevent you from checking your application status.

For more information, download our TSA PreCheck guide.

What happens if I am ineligible for a KTN number?

After inquiring about your TSA PreCheck status, you may find that your application has been denied. There are many reasons for an application to be turned down, most of which relate to information in your background check. The TSA uses information from Interpol, terrorist watchlists and various government databases to identify security threats. If a background check reveals that you have been convicted of certain crimes or that you have previously committed security-related offenses at an airport, you can be denied temporarily or permanently.

Even if a traveler is initially approved for a known traveler number, his or her membership can also be revoked or suspended at any time. Participants will receive a notification from the TSA if their membership is being suspended or revoked.

While some serious offenses result in a permanent ban from the program, keep in mind that other bans are only temporary. Interim disqualifications occur in the following ways:

  • A member or applicant can be denied for seven years if he or she was convicted, plead guilty, plead no contest or was found not guilty by reason of insanity for certain crimes.
  • A member or applicant can be denied for five years following his or her release from prison for certain crimes.

With that in mind, travelers who lose their KTN number privileges or are denied a number in the first place can reapply after seven or five years, provided that their criminal offense does not warrant a permanent ban. When reapplying, petitioners will still need to undergo a standard background check and meet the other eligibility criteria.

How to Use Known Traveler Numbers

If approved for a TSA traveler number, you will usually receive a written confirmation of your enrollment in the program. You are not issued any credentials other than your KTN after you sign up. Instead of showing a card at the security checkpoint, you must enter your number when buying a plane ticket in order to enjoy the benefits of your membership. Your PreCheck status will then be indicated with a logo on your boarding pass. As a member, you will want to keep your number in a secure place so that you can use it for upcoming travel.

In some cases, you can simply enter known traveler numbers into your frequent flyer profile to automatically have the PreCheck logo printed on your boarding pass. However, it is possible that your number will not autofill every time you purchase a ticket. To ensure that you can always use your membership benefits, keep these points in mind:

  • You must contact your airline to add a KTN to flights you booked prior to becoming a member, as KTNs are not automatically added to previously booked flights.
  • When booking a flight on a third-party website, be sure your KTN is included in your order, as not all third-party providers will share your number with the airline you have selected.
  • Even if your known traveler ID number is included on your frequent flyer profile, you should still ensure that it is entered every time you buy a boarding pass.
  • If you change a reservation, always ensure that your KTN transfers to your new boarding pass.

How to Look Up a KTN Number

It is easy to find TSA PreCheck number information in the event you lose or forget your number. Doing a known traveler number lookup requires entering your name, date of birth and contact information on the same Universal Enroll website that you would use to check the status of your application. Alternatively, you can use your Universal Enroll ID number to look for your KTN.

Download or informative guide for more information on TSA PreCheck.

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