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10 European Tours That You Must Experience

airportprecheck.org blog: 10 European Tours That You Must Experience

Europe’s rich and diverse history offers a seemingly endless number of sightseeing possibilities for travelers. To help you decide what to see on your European vacation, the team at AirportPreCheck.org has selected ten tours that visitors can complete in a day or less. Some of the tours guide you through classic destinations, while other will take you off the beaten path.

Explore the Alhambra in Spain

This fortress and palace, an example of Moorish building style, contains gardens, maze-like halls and some of the finest architectural detail on the planet. Modifications throughout the ages have shaped the Alhambra into a reflection of Spanish history. The team at AirportPreCheck.org recommends booking your guided tour of the Alhambra at least a month in advance, as the estate limits the number of daily visitors.

Visit Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland

Eilean Donan is one of many incredible castles that Scotland has to offer. Lovers of natural landscapes will marvel at the castle’s location on a tidal island surrounded by a mountain range and three connecting lochs. Visitors can explore nearly the entirety of the 13th century castle’s interior.

Take a Day Trip from London

Visitors to London can tour some of the historical sites that lie just beyond the city. In the span of a day, tourists can check out the Stonehenge rock formations, the Roman Baths and Windsor Castle, home to the royal family.

Stroll Through the Palace of Versailles

As the former royal court of France, the Chateau de Versailles Palace and Estates is one of the most extravagant castles in the world. In addition to exploring the palace interior, visitors can walk amidst the surrounding gardens and canals. Visitors who opt for guided tours will get to see parts of the estate that are closed off to others. The team at AirportPreCheck.org recommends spending an entire day at Versailles in order to enjoy the historical site’s many offerings.

Boat Through Amsterdam’s Canals

A boat tour is the best way to experience Amsterdam, a city crisscrossed by 165 canals. Travelers have a variety of tour options, from one-hour quick trips to candle-lit cruises. Some canal tour services allow tourists to hop on and off for sightseeing at their own pace.

Bike the Berlin Wall Trail

While the Berlin Wall fell more than 25 years ago, a paved pathway now traces the wall’s former site. The trail offers a great way to see the city and encounter history. Tourists who bike or walk the entire long journey will pass through both rural countryside and the busy city center. Along the way, they’ll find historical memorials and preserved portions of the wall.

Take a carriage ride in Krakow, Poland

Tourists needing a break from rigorous walking tours can head to Krakow and take a ride in the city’s signature horse-drawn carriages. Sightseers will encounter the charming Old Town and the Medieval Wawel Palace.

Walk the Dubrovnik Walls in Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik is known for its incredible architecture and 12th century city lining the Adriatic Sea. These days, the city may be best known to fans of the television show Game of Thrones as the filming location for King’s Landing. Interested visitors can take a walking tour along the 80-foot-tall city walls. If time permits, the team at AirportPreCheck.org recommends taking a cable car ride up to Mt. Srd for a bird’s eye view of the city.

Go Underground in Belgrade, Serbia

Visitors to Belgrade can take an underground tour of the city’s tunnels. On the way, they’ll encounter several layers of the city’s history, from Ancient Roman halls to 19th century wine cellars and World War II-era military bunkers.  

Kayak the Ionian Sea, Albania

Adventurous tourists in search of some exercise can take a kayak tour of Albania’s Ionian coast. The coastal trail passes by mountains and coves alongside Greco-Roman ruins, Byzantine chapels and Ottoman-era mosques.