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AirportPreCheck.org's Guide to Following Hemingway's Travels

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For Ernest Hemingway, establishing a sense of place was critical to any good story. The author’s fans can find this belief reflected in his literary works, but also throughout his personal life. An avid traveler, Hemingway helped popularize some of today’s most well-known international tourist attractions. As a result, thousands of fans flock to destinations like Key West and Paris each year to follow in the writer’s literary footsteps. Arranging travel can be tricky, though, and it helps to have a plan before embarking on a journey. To help make travel smoother, AirportPreCheck.org has assembled a collection of tips and suggestions that travelers can consult before exploring some of Hemingway’s most beloved homes and destinations.

Key West, Florida

Key West is tucked underneath the Florida peninsula, and it is the last key in a string of islands that juts out from the mainland. Hemingway owned a house here for several years, making this subtropical place a popular destination for the novelist’s greatest admirers. AirportPreCheck.org readers hoping to visit this key have several ways to get there. Some of the most popular travel methods include:

  • By land – While not geographically connected to Florida, a string of bridges connect Key West to the continental United States. As a result, travelers hoping to absorb the scenery can take U.S. Route 1 all the way down to the island.
  • Over the sea – A popular cruise destination, many travelers see Key West when their ships dock in the island’s harbor.
  • Through the air – Even though Key West is only about four miles long, there is an international airport on the island’s southeastern shore. Visitors can fly directly to the island instead of using another nearby airport, such as those in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

Once on the island, Hemingway enthusiasts can meander along the streets the author himself once walked. The AirportPreCheck.org crew recommends fans divide their time between the Hemingway Home and Museum and simply wandering the island’s streets. Some of Hemingway’s famed six-toed cats still roam the key, and lucky visitors can catch a glimpse of these animals.

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba, is located a mere 90 miles south of Key West, and this city is another one of Hemingway’s adored locations. Situated on this Caribbean island is Lookout Farm, a seaside homestead where Hemingway lived for several decades. Cuba is where he wrote The Old Man and the Sea and half a dozen other novels, and readers looking to the country’s beaches for similar inspiration will enjoy Havana’s charm.

The team of AirportPreCheck.org travel enthusiasts recommends visitors begin their literary pilgrimage by flying into Havana. This is especially true for international travelers. However, visitors who are already in the country can arrive from other major cities around the island via bus or train. Once in the City of Columns, groups can explore different bars, restaurants and tobacco shops the writer once frequented. Visitors can also take a trip to Marina Hemingway, a waterfront docking grounds that bears the late author’s name.

Paris, France

Hemingway spent two periods of his life living in France, and Paris in particular was one of his greatest inspirations. Having penned some of his greatest works here, such as The Sun Almost Rises, Paris was critical in Hemingway’s development as an artist and a man. The AirportPreCheck.org team recommends Hemingway aficionados visit this city if they want to truly get a taste of the world that influenced the prolific writer.

As one of Europe’s more popular metropolises, most major forms of transportation connect the city to other parts of the world. Therefore, travelers can arrive via train, bus or airplane. Once in the city, travelers can journey along rue Ernest Hemingway, a stretch of street near the Seine River that stands in the writer’s honor. Various gardens and rest