8 Countries to Visit If You Are a Fan of Literature According to AirportPreCheck.org

airportprecheck.org blog: 8 Countries to Visit If You Are a Fan of Literature According to AirportPreCheck.org

Bibliophiles rely on literature for entertainment and knowledge, so it is only natural for them to turn to books for travel advice. From serene destinations perfect for reading to wholesome nations that promote books on large scales, the world offers terrific venues that all literature lovers will enjoy. Books and cultures are intertwined, and those who read can watch literature come alive through regular travel. Have coffee at an inspiring café or buy a new book at a place where famous authors in history spent their time! The team at AirportPreCheck.org has created a list of the top eight countries that literature fans should visit.

#1 The United States

The U.S. is filled with all kinds of reading nooks, and bookstores are plentiful. Additionally, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. is the world’s largest library, containing a record total of 164,403,119 online and print items and hosting 92.8 million visitors in 2016 alone. Literature fans will appreciate the quiet study areas and national history available at their fingertips at the Library of Congress, and they might even discover their new favorite books.

#2 China

Although China is a bustling and boisterous place, the country has the most libraries in the world. In Hong Kong, literature fans can participate in writing competitions, reading activities and workshops. The team at AirportPreCheck.org encourages bibliophiles to join reading and writing groups to take advantage of the literary benefits that countless Chinese libraries offer. Not only can libraries provide solace for readers and introverts throughout the world, but they can also inspire literature fans to spread their passion for books.

#3 England

Home to the Globe Theater and so many other literature-themed destinations, England presents ample opportunities that are sure to interest literature lovers. From watching Shakespeare’s plays come to life to visiting the birthplace of the famed author Jane Austen in Hampshire, England promises to be an adventurous stop on all book lovers’ trips. The team at AirportPreCheck.org suggests that visitors make a list of literary sites that they would like to visit prior to traveling.

#4 Germany

As the birthplace of the movable typing machine, Germany has made incredible contributions to literature and continues to be an exciting place for readers to enjoy. Literature lovers can uncover small bookstores or follow Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann’s footsteps throughout present-day Schleswig-Holstein and Medlenburg-Vorpommern. They can explore historical sites like World War II memorials, which have inspired authors from various cultures to write countless books, and let the country inspire them to create literature, too.

#5 Argentina

Argentina is filled with culture and literature. Buenos Aires hosts massive book festivals each year to celebrate successful Spanish literature. While the language barrier may cause readers to hesitate, some bibliophiles may jump at the chance to discover new sources of literature in a book-loving environment. Regardless, any literature fan is bound to relish the spirit of book festivals.

#6 France

France is known to house small cafés and an artistic atmosphere that prompts literary works of the highest caliber. Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Proust all frequented establishments within the nation and produced famous literature. Customarily, writing groups will meet in tiny cafés and eateries, and literature fans can benefit from the immense literary traditions that originate from the French environment.

#7 Italy

Ornate buildings and scenery are bound to engage the senses of literature lovers. Italian design and culture appear often in literature, such as in “A Room with a View” by E. M. Forster, so the team at AirportPreCheck.org urges readers to engage with Italian literary landmarks to spark creativity.

#8 Ireland

The team at AirportPreCheck.org recommends that literature fans visit Ireland to admire the sites and unique destinations. In Dublin, the Trinity College Library features original manuscripts, and the Writer’s Museum showcases famous authors in a way that is unparalleled. All readers will be glad they visited.