Get Over Your Fear Of Flying Guide |'s Guide to Conquering Your Fear of Flying

There are so many things that can go wrong on an airplane, as there are so many things that can go wrong in life. Plenty events in life are turbulent and can make you feel claustrophobic and trapped. Sometimes, relationships crash and burn. But you somehow find a way to continue to live life. This guide, presented by, offers ideas on how to conquer that fear of flying so you can truly live life to the fullest.

Treat Yourself to Comfort

Flying in coach isn’t for everyone, even though most people can’t afford not to. It’s economical but cheap in comfort. The last thing you need when you’re panicking about flying is more discomfort. The miniscule leg room, hordes of people and screaming babies will not make you feel any better. Instead, get an upgrade. AirportPreCheck.orgadvises that you treat yourself to a business or first class flight. Feeling physically more comfortable could help reduce your emotional discomfort. At the very least, you can take a peaceful nap in a comfortable seat.

Learn About Plane Safety Features

Planes are built to fly efficiently. They are made to withstand turbulence. How many stories have you heard about airplanes failing because of turbulence? Or how many planes have burned from the inside out? That’s because every inch of your seat is specially designed to resist fire and extinguish itself. At, we encourage learning more facts like these in order to soothe your anxious thoughts and gain assurance that a plane is built to keep you safe.

Take Simulated Flying Lessons

AirportPreCheck.orgsuggests getting the most direct exposure to cure your flying fears: get (virtually) right behind the wheel of a plane. Putting yourself in the pilot’s seat and seeing first-hand what it takes to fly a plane will show you what real risk is and is not. Seeing how much of the flight is actually managed might give a greater sense of control and thus quell anxiety.

Meet the Pilots

If you’re worried about the plane crashing or undergoing turbulence, meeting with the pilots (before the flight) might help ease some of those fears. Looking inside the cockpit and meeting the people flying the plane can create a sense of trust. You can look at how everything functions, what the pilots pay attention to and ask about their flying experience. Hearing the confidence and relaxation in the pilots’ voices might calm your nerves knowing that competent people are in charge of your flight.

Understand Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural reaction especially to things that are unnatural to humans like heights and flying. Your gut will instinctually tell you it’s a bad idea because you can fall. However, the trick to beating anxiety is to do exactly what it tells you not to do. This will break your natural reaction and train your body to relax.

Anxiety is the anticipation of a fear coming true, but it doesn’t mean that danger is necessarily present. Separating your fear from reality can make you feel safer. encourages you to remember that the anticipation is greater than the real experience. Often, people who fear flying have the greatest anxiety before the flight while they are imagining what could happen. That anxiety diminishes when they are actually sitting in the seat miles in the air.