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Top 6 Places to Travel Alone According to blog: Top 6 Places to Travel Alone According to

Traveling by yourself can be the ultimate voyage of self-discovery. However, many question how safe it is to visit a foreign country alone. For wanderlusts skeptical of solo travels, the experts at have put together a comprehensive list of the top six places to travel to unaccompanied. Read the sections below to discover the thrilling activities and beautiful sceneries lone travelers can enjoy in different countries around the world.  

1.New Zealand

New Zealand has consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, so it’s no surprise that it would be number one on our list. The experts at recommend lone travelers to visit New Zealand not only because of its safety, but also to get to know the friendly and welcoming locals. New Zealand also has a reliable transportation system that will make it easy for you to navigate through the country as you please.


Known for its low crime rates, Norway is an ideal spot to visit if you are traveling alone. Norway’s fjords make for some of the most gorgeous landscapes and the country has an array of museums and opera houses from which to choose. Travelers can also hop on trains to go from city to city and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way.


The small yet enchanting country of Switzerland is a perfect place to visit on your own according to the team at Switzerland has spectacular scenery, amazing train journeys and perfect hiking trails for the solo adventurer. There is also an ease of transportation that runs around the clock, making it perfect for travelers to get to and from locations easily.

4.Costa Rica

Happy Planet Index deemed Costa Rica the happiest place in the world. The group at recommends visiting Costa Rica alone if you enjoy pure adventure. This country offers a diverse selection of thrilling activities that do not require a partner. So whether you’re into water sports, zip lining or hiking through rain forests, Costa Rica has it all.


Vietnam is one of the most female-friendly cities in the Southeast Asia region. If you’re a female wanting to travel alone, the experts at advise you to consider checking out Vietnam. Known for its grand markets, solo explorers can check out the Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City or head to Hanoi’s massive Dong Xuan Market. Travelers can also enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine complete with fresh, spicy and delicious dishes.


Chile is generally very safe with the exception of a few pickpockets here and there. However, the team at still ranks it as one of the top countries to visit by yourself. This diverse country has so much to offer from vineyards to snow-capped mountains and seaside surf towns. You can also engage in both skiing and surfing adventures, all in one day. Solo wanderers can hop on a boat tour to the untouched region of Patagonia and explore the country all while learning something new about themselves.