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How to Prepare for a Lengthy Overnight Flight blog: How to Prepare for a Lengthy Overnight Flight

The longest current nonstop flight is over 17 hours long between Doha and Auckland. Qatar Airlines flies a Boeing 777 9,032 miles between these two cities in the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand, respectively. This flight travels a distance that is greater than a third of the circumference of the earth daily. Although you may not be planning a vacation to or from the Middle East or the South Pacific, many flights can take extended periods, particularly red eyes. Below are some preparation tips courtesy of the team at for a more enjoyable overnight flight. 

Cleanliness & Health

Many travelers do not enjoy being crammed into a confined space with hundreds of other tourists. The idea of using an airplane restroom can evoke images of bacteria and germs worse than any other publicly accessible facility. Sanitary wipes and antibacterial gel can be a welcome relief to germophobes and frequent flyers alike. The team at advises you to prime your immune system by consuming more vitamin C and water in the days prior to your flight. Likewise, germ-conscious flyers can wipe down armrests, tray tables and other surfaces with antibacterial wipes. Furthermore, carrying tissues and nasal spray are great ways to keep your sickness to yourself. Also, you can keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in an easy-to-access location for a quick clean-up post flight.


If you are going to be flying in a metal tube for half a day, why not get comfortable in your airline seat with a pillow and blanket. Some airlines offer small pillows and lightweight fleeces free of charge or for a nominal fee. The team at recommends a neck pillow (found in travel stores including many airport souvenir stands) to prevent stiffness and pain. Travel pillows come in a wide variety of options including inflatable, memory foam, cooling or cold therapy. Blankets are beneficial to maintain a comfortable temperature, as flights tend to be cooler than standard room temperature. If you plan to sleep (or avoid other passengers), bring an eye mask to help you doze on overnight flights. Likewise, earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones can help you sleep or ignore crying babies.


While airlines may provide an in-flight catalog or TV screen, you may want additional amusement for a long flight. Make a few playlists for different legs of the trip, like peaceful ambient noises for sleeping and your favorite albums or podcast recordings for while you’re conscious. The team at would like to remind travelers that batteries in electronics can lose charge with use and individuals should carry wire or portable chargers. Travelers can also pick up magazines and books inside the airport terminal areas for last-minute entertainment purchases.

Pharmaceutical Assistance

To some travelers, the duration of the flight is insignificant as they hurdle through the air around 575 mph. Those apprehensive about flying should consider making an appointment with their primary care physician before traveling to inquire about prescription anxiety relief or sleeping aid. Over-the-counter medication with antihistamine that is specified for nighttime use can also assist as a sleeping aid.