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Tips for Picking out Sturdy Luggage That Will Last blog: Tips for Picking out Sturdy Luggage That Will Last

If you travel, you know the importance of luggage. It holds your dearest belongings and accompanies you on long journeys to faraway places. Buying sturdy, reliable luggage doesn’t require you to break the bank. The best bags out there can be obtained for $150 or less. However, it’s critical to take the time to find a case that can withstand the trials of travel. Whether you’re an occasional or frequent traveler, the perfect suitcase can ensure a lifetime of smooth, stress-free traveling. Here are some tips from the team at to help you identify sturdy luggage that lasts.

  1. Avoid designer luggage

A higher cost can sometimes mean a better piece of luggage, but don’t be fooled by the price tag on designer luggage. In this case, price does not reflect quality. These travel bags can cost thousands of dollars, but they’re simply a luxury fashion statement. Designer luggage won’t protect your belongings any better than sturdier options obtainable for a couple hundred dollars or less.

  1. Choose a waterproof suitcase

Luggage made of water-resistant material will stay in great shape and protect your belongings from rain and wet surfaces. To keep your belongings extra safe, the team at recommends lining the inside of the case with a plastic dry cleaning bag.

  1. Look for sturdy handles

Thick, durable materials in the handles on the top and sides of your luggage will prevent them from tearing off due to the weight of your belongings. There’s nothing worse than rushing to meet a connecting flight while trying to deal with a suitcase that you can no longer carry. Choose bags that have handle systems built into the bag’s interior.

  1. Avoid polyester bags

Luggage comes in many different materials and prices. Polyester fabric luggage is the cheapest option, but it’s also the least durable. Even if you treat it with the utmost care, the luggage will be handled roughly if you decide to check it. The team at recommends choosing luggage made of nylon or polycarbonate. Both of these materials are sturdy and lightweight.

  1. Look for lifetime warranties

A piece of luggage with a lifetime warranty may cost you more now, but you will be set for life. If you can’t decide between two or three luggage options, go with one that has a lifetime warranty.

  1. Test the luggage in a store

Even if you plan to buy your bag online, you should visit a store to test out the luggage’s durability. Some travel goods stores may even allow customers to bring in their belongings to test how the suitcase handles. The team at recommends checking the sturdiness of the handles and testing any zippers to make sure they work properly.

  1. Determine your needs

While sturdy luggage is necessary for anyone who travels, some travelers may require an extra degree of durability in their baggage. Business travelers need luggage that can withstand cramming into overhead bins, while a rugged backpacker may require a checkable bag with an extra degree of protection for the outdoors.

  1. Look for a latch system or large zippers

A latch system is the best device for sealing luggage. Latch systems keep luggage completely airtight, but they’re only available on hard shell bags, like one made of polycarbonate. If you prefer soft shell bags, such as nylon luggage, look for big zippers. Bigger zippers are generally more durable and longer lasting than small zippers. Make sure the bag’s zippers are constructed from high-quality material. When it comes to zippers, metal is much better than plastic.