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15 Ways to Document Your Travels

airportprecheck.org blog: 15 Ways to Document Your Travels

Travelers with a creative mind have almost limitless ways to document their wanderlust experiences. Technological advances have expanded the available ways that individuals can distribute media, making it possible to share images, videos and thoughts instantaneously while continents away. Although modernity can be advantageous, time-tested methods of recording travels also allow for archives as unique as your experiences.

1-5 Writing

If you consider yourself a wordsmith, a master of sentences or an articulate writer, composing journal entries may be the best-suited method to chronicle your adventures. Old-school pen to paper is a classic way to document your experiences that is easy to do no matter where your travels take you. Writing in a composition notebook each evening to summarize the day does not require a Wi-Fi connection or outlets to maintain a charge. The team at AirportPreCheck.org suggests using a traditional writing approach rather than utilizing electronic devices if your travels take you to Burning Man in the Nevada desert, backpacking through the hills of Cambodia or exploring the rural areas of Ireland. For travelers who prefer a more tech-savvy method of journaling, there are many writing applications available on electronic devices. Travel writers can use their smartphone’s note section, word processors on laptops or online content management systems. Blogging websites are a great way to document and share your travels. Furthermore, writing and mailing letters to yourself documents your travels as well as provides unique souvenirs complete with foreign stamps.

6-11 Recording

While sightseeing and absorbing the beauty of a new atmosphere, many travelers opt to capture moments with pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, those who find themselves on either side of the lens can tell an epic story. Using photo-sharing applications like Instagram and other social networking sites, travel photographers can post images online for family, friends and strangers to enjoy. If you are trying to generate more views, the team at AirportPreCheck.org recommends creating a series and choosing an associated hashtag, like Russian photographer Murad Osmann’s sequence #FollowMe. Travelers can take standard tourist photos or focus on architecture, food and people watching. Travelers can also create videos for a more complete log of their explorations. Like writing for a blog, globetrotters can create video logs or vlogs, as a visual documentation medium on sites like YouTube. Creative initiators can use storytelling applications to mix pictures and videos to make a digital time capsule. Also, artists can construct their own images by cataloging events via drawing in a sketchbook.

12-14 Textiles

Unconventional methods are fun ways to document your travels, which can illicit recall by touch (and smell for a short time). Similar to mailing letters, the team at AirportPreCheck.org recommends sending postcards back home if you are traveling to multiple locations. Travelers who acquire train or concert tickets, who press foliage within books or who collect other miscellaneous items while touring can use these ideas (as well as photos) to create a travel scrapbook. Memorabilia and souvenir collections to decorate your home are also great conversation starters.

15 Socially

Documenting your travels does not need to be a one-person show necessarily. If you are traveling within a group, the team at AirportPreCheck.org advocates utilizing travel companionsto help detail your trip. Whether you share a camera, journal or website, multiple perspectives can enhance the overall experience.