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Completing a TSA PreCheck application through the Transportation Security Administration can expedite the flight process for all eligible travelers. TSA PreCheck approval allows flight passengers to skip the long lines at standard security checkpoints by passing through TSA fast pass lanes. Airport PreCheck screening members are not required to remove personal items or submit to a body scanner. Rather, the TSA PreCheck program allows passengers to keep their belongings and pass through a simple metal detector on the way to their boarding gate. To get TSA PreCheck status, you must complete an application either online or in person at a TSA PreCheck enrollment center. Once the application is complete, schedule a TSA PreCheck interview to submit documents, get your fingerprints scanned and pay the non-refundable TSA PreCheck application fee. TSA PreCheck costs can be paid by check, money order or credit/debit card. For more information on TSA PreCheck requirements, read the sections outlined below:

  • Eligible and ineligible groups for TSA PreCheck approval
  • Groups that qualify for automatic TSA PreCheck enrollment
  • Special TSA PreCheck eligibility groups

TSA PreCheck Eligibility

Groups who can get TSA PreCheck vary depending on a few factors. Eligible TSA PreCheck program travelers include individuals who are either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents who have not been convicted of crimes that are on the list of disqualifying offenses. To apply for TSA PreCheck, prospective members must also submit a complete and honest TSA PreCheck application and follow all TSA security regulations.

TSA PreCheck approval is not available to travelers who have been convicted of certain crimes, including federal offenses such as espionage, sedition and other serious crimes. Criminal convictions that disqualify interested applicants from the TSA PreCheck program for seven years include extortion, unlawful possession of firearms, identity fraud and similar offenses. Any TSA PreCheck enrollment applicant with a warrant or indictment under his or her name for any of the disqualifying offenses must have his or her record cleared prior to completing a TSA PreCheck application.

Automatic TSA PreCheck Approval Groups

A TSA pre approved status is granted to members of certain groups, who are given access to TSA fast pass lanes without having to complete the TSA PreCheck application process. Automatically enrolled flight passengers include any person who is a member of one of the following trusted traveler groups:

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Global Entry, SENTRI or NEXUS programs
  • U.S. active-duty military members (including National Guard and reserve)
  • Department of Defense civilian employees
  • Many other federal government employees (i.e. employees with certain security clearances)

Disqualification from the TSA PreCheck program will occur if prospective members are caught committing certain federal security violations. Disqualifying offenses include (but are not limited to):

  • Interfering with security functions.
  • Providing false or fraudulent documents.
  • Carrying a firearm or other explosive/prohibited items in an airport.

The length of time a TSA PreCheck status candidate is disqualified depends on the severity of the offense.

Special TSA PreCheck Eligibility Groups

TSA PreCheck status is also available to help speed the boarding process for a number of special traveling groups, such as disabled persons and military members. Whether or not they have TSA PreCheck approval, disabled persons are not required to remove shoes at security checkpoints. However, after TSA PreCheck enrollment, disabled passengers can skip the additional screening process used in standard security lines regarding their shoes and other items that require scanning.

Automatic eligibility for the TSA PreCheck program is also granted to wounded or injured military members. TSA PreCheck status can be obtained by injured military members by contacting TSA Cares (the Transportation Security Administration's helpline for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions).