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TSA PreCheck Interviews

Travelers who meet the TSA PreCheck requirements can apply either online through the Transportation Security Administration's website or in person at a TSA PreCheck enrollment center. Once the TSA PreCheck application is complete, passengers must visit an enrollment center for a TSA PreCheck interview. TSA PreCheck screening interviews must be completed before program members can be given access to TSA security lanes at U.S. airports. TSA fast pass lanes allow ticket holders to avoid removing personal items and submitting to body scans during security checks. TSA PreCheck approval is contingent upon the information gathered during TSA PreCheck interviews. TSA PreCheck program applicants have 120 days from the time they complete an online TSA PreCheck application to undergo the interview. For more TSA PreCheck enrollment information regarding the interview, read the sections outlined below:

  • What to expect at TSA PreCheck interviews
  • What to bring to TSA PreCheck appointments
  • After TSA PreCheck screening interviews

What to Expect at TSA PreCheck Interviews

TSA PreCheck applications can be completed in various manners. However, all program applicants must visit a TSA PreCheck enrollment center to participate in an in-person interview directly afterward. During TSA PreCheck interviews, travelers are fingerprinted and asked a number of basic background questions that give the agency a complete picture of the prospective member and his or her traveling habits. TSA PreCheck interviews are conducted for verification purposes to ensure that all information provided on the online or paper TSA PreCheck application is correct and that the applicant is who he or she declares. TSA PreCheck screening interviews take around 15 minutes, during which applicants must also submit all required documents and items.

What to Bring to TSA PreCheck Appointments

On the day of your TSA PreCheck interview, visit an enrollment center with certain documents and items proving your citizenship status and identity. When applying for TSA PreCheck approval, eligible documents include (but are not limited to):

  • Birth certificates.
  • U.S. passports.
  • Permanent resident documents.

The non-refundable TSA PreCheck application fee must also be provided at the TSA PreCheck enrollment center. TSA PreCheck costs can be paid using a credit card, a check or a money order.

After TSA PreCheck Screening Interviews

Following the TSA PreCheck interview, you may have to wait up to 45 days for a response from TSA. You may check your TSA PreCheck status by visiting the TSA PreCheck application status page online. Once the TSA PreCheck application is approved, you will be issued a Known Traveler Number to use when making flight reservations in order to gain access to TSA PreCheck security checkpoints at U.S. airports. Known Traveler Numbers are visible to TSA agents once they scan the traveler's boarding pass, so there is no need to bring any other TSA PreCheck enrollment documents.

Members given TSA PreCheck approval are able to take advantage of the TSA PreCheck status for five years before they must reapply.

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