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Get Through The Airport Faster! provides all the information you need to get TSA PreCheck-approved in no time.From details on TSA PreCheck benefits to tips on enrollment and interviews, as well as many other value added benefits, we are your one-stop source for speeding up your travel. Get started today to purchase your eBook.

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TSA PreCheck enrollment allows passengers traveling on U.S. domestic and international flights to get through Transportation Security Administration airport checkpoints through an expedited process. TSA PreCheck approval is contingent on a number of factors, such as the applicant's citizenship status and whether or not he or she has a criminal background. A TSA PreCheck application can be completed online or in person, at a TSA PreCheck enrollment center. Additionally, a non-refundable application fee must be paid and documents proving your citizenship status must be presented. Once the application process is complete, travelers can schedule their TSA PreCheck appointments. TSA PreCheck includes the following benefits:

  • Faster security checks for travelers
  • Keeping traveling possessions on your person
  • Avoiding invasive procedures

TSA PreCheck Speed

TSAPreCheck approval gives program participants an array of benefits.Oneof the most impactful benefits of TSA PreCheck is that it gives travelers theability to speed through security checkpoints in airports for most domestic andinternational flights leaving out of the U.S.Expedited security lines areavailable at airports participating in the TSA PreCheck program.Those who have passed the TSA PreCheck requirements canease through security without completing the customary removal of shoes, belts,light outerwear, computers, gels and liquids.The time saved skipping thisprocess allows travelers to plan each step of their trips more efficiently.

TSA PreCheck Accountability

Without TSAPreCheck approval, travelers must remove multiple items from theirluggage as they pass through security checkpoints at airports.During thistime, each traveler’s luggage moves ahead as they wait to pass through securityscanners.One of the easiest ways for a traveler to lose luggage or otherpersonal items during a trip to the airport is to allow them out of his or hersight.Airplane passengers who complete the TSA PreCheck screening process can prevent thispossibility by passing through TSA fast pass lanes, where their luggage stayswith them at all times.Whether passing through a TSA or non-TSA securitycheckpoint, your luggage must be within sight for safety measures.

TSA PreCheck Is Non-Invasive

TSAPreCheck fast pass lanes do not use the same invasive body scanningprocedures as the standard security checkpoints.Instead, TSA PreCheck lanesuse the security method formerly used in airports nationwide: metal detectors.As members of the TSA PreCheckprogram, travelers are pre-screened for security purposes, allowing forless stringent checks prior to boarding their plane.However, TSA agents willstill continue to perform random searches at security checkpoints, regardlessof a traveler’s status.

To applyfor TSA PreCheck status, complete a TSA PreCheck application either online or in person.